Looks ~ My Generation

Morning World, Emy here.
I finally prefer keep on talking to you in English, ’cause every website that I read are. So here my new look. The squares point out Beatles to me, England, the 60’s… My generation loves music, no matter what kind they could love, that’s still what succeeds in gathering people (politics is put aside here =p). My generation is open minded, she’s crazy, but she doesn’t know where she’s going… And I live for today like her. Anyway, what could I add more about this look? Ah, I recolored the pocket of the bag to have it the same color that the undershirt and the top of the boots. I think that’s all. I’m gonna kiss you and wish you a very good time until next one. With love. Xo xo <3 Mymy.

Sun Hair (Ash Blond)
Top (p.of) Kera
-> by ZAARA
Tartan Check Pants Macrae
-> by MUISM
Mods Layered Boots Woman (Black)
-> by MASSIMO!
Necklace & Bangle
-> by ICON
Casual Pochette (Black & White)
-> by ETD
Blues Glasses


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