Looks ~ I like it rough

Hello world!
I’m starting blogging again and this is a real pleasure to do that. Anyway, I’m in love with Truth hairstyles nowadays, maybe you noticed that or not. Have a very good time guys! xo xo. Emy

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Looks ~ Life in Salem

I’ve just come in Salem, this lil’ village far away from everything. I’m a girl of the city, and being lost around here isn’t just a change. It is terrifying too. Warm and fields are taking over me. & I don’t have time to realize I crossed the forest to face Marsten House. The night’s falling. Should I come in…? (text in reference of “Salem’s Lot”, by S.King)

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Looks ~ Nature’s Rebirth

Hi world, Eme here!
It’s been a while! Summer’s coming and weather is finally how I love it: warm and so beautiful. I didn’t come on SL cuz I’ve been planning so many things in RL that I’m so proud. But, I’m not gonna speak about my life, cuz a good gossip person speak about everybody’s life but hers ;) So, today a new look (since I didn’t have enough time to know more about what happened in world since my departure hehe) Anyway, I took some old pieces of my invo before starting shopping again. I see you very soon. Very glad to post again, I missed it a lil after all ^^ Have a very good time! xo xo <3

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