Looks ~ Balleredding

Hi world. I wanted to get back to fresh and light colors, so when I saw the new Lelutka’s collection, I was so glad to see so many colors that I couldn’t choose the right one! Not everything was good of course, but I flashed for this cute dress that can also be wore without the bottom ;) I thought I didn’t have enough pink clothes too. I think these clothes put together look sweet and cute. You judge And why ballereding? Cuz the look make me think of a ballerine and a bridesmaid ^^, xo xo ♥ Eme.

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Looks ~ OutAfrica

Hi world. I was looking for darker stuff even if the sun is extremely shinning. And when I saw this new top from The Plastik’s, I suddlendly had a flash light. I knew I should have a look about Africa’s jungle. Especially Ghanean’s one ♥ I find it so wonderfull… xo xo Eme.

(p.s: everyone clearly knows we shouldn’t visit a jungle with pearls, bangles and stilettos ;])

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Looks ~ Glam Break

Hi world. Long time no blog something over here. This is the big rush in my life in this time, and I’ve no time to enjoy the beautiful days of summer. So as soon as I can, I have a break, and this is what I’m doing now. Shopping and gossip about people around me with my dear friends. A wave to Jed and Mama ♥ love ya bitches ^^, xo xo Eme.

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