Looks / Trapped on the Edge of Time

Only the Lord knows the answer to the mess this world is in. This place has turned into Atlantis, and it’s already started to sink.. Life in the fast lane has turned into a dead end street ; Let’s turn the wheel back to the future, let’s use the power of our dreams.. Right, baby don’t cry, keep on dancing tonight on the edge of time… xo xo ♥ Eme.

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Looks / Unknown Element

Hi world. I keep on in my way to Haute Couture with this outfit especially designed by Pacadi Jasha & CSFS for their new collection. As I’m totally in love with those rocking Alexander McQueen shoes, I couldn’t add a post without blogging them one more time. I think there’s no other word to add. Just enjoy the very good work of Lotta Shelman ;) xo xo ♥ Eme.

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Looks / Snake Poison Fever

Hi world. HC is my new love, so I wanted a look a little more uncasual. Thanks to Lelutka’s new collection, and even more to Pacadi’s unique items from the next collection, this can be absolutely possible. And I have to say my inspiration came from, without any doubt, the Alex. McQueen shoes from Pacadi, made by the incredible Lotta. More about HC and Pacadi to come, in a ‘special’ post… To be continued. xo xo ♥ Eme.

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Reviews / IFE Light Lelutka Skins Reviews

Hi world. For my come back, I wanted to start with something I didn’t used to do before. That means posting a skin reviews of one I fell in love with few days ago : IFE Skin in Light, provided by the amazing and very well-known Lelutka Beauty Shop. I thank Minnu & Aradia one more time for their (stunning) gifts again ! So, you’ll understand, this skin is my nowadays crush. xoxo ♥ Emy

[LeLutka] IFE Light Base (D Brows) // [LeLutka] IFE Light Makeup1 (D Brows)

[LeLutka]-IFE Light Makeup2 (D Brows) // [LeLutka]-IFE Light Makeup3 (D Brows)

[LeLutka] IFE Light Makeup4 (D Brows) // [LeLutka] IFE Light Makeup5 (D Brows)

[LeLutka] IFE Light Makeup6 (D Brows) // [LeLutka] IFE Light Makeup7 (D Brows)

I would also thank Truth Hawks for his gifts.
The hair you can (barely) see on the pictures is Justine in Champagne color.

Woot _o/

Haven’t been blogging for a while and there are good reasons : I’ve been moving with my BF, IRL, so I didn’t have time to come and I didn’t have the possibility to. Now that I get a good job IRL, and now that I get time to come on SL, I’ll be able to blog again ! I missed you all and I’m glad to be here again. Let me few days or weeks to be back as I was before. See you very soon world.