Looks / Unknown Element

Hi world. I keep on in my way to Haute Couture with this outfit especially designed by Pacadi Jasha & CSFS for their new collection. As I’m totally in love with those rocking Alexander McQueen shoes, I couldn’t add a post without blogging them one more time. I think there’s no other word to add. Just enjoy the very good work of Lotta Shelman ;) xo xo ♥ Eme.

IFE Light Skin (Make up 2) by LELUTKA


Danielle (Champagne) by TRUTH


Clockwork’s Love 7 Bra by CSFS

Highland Romance 4 Panties by CSFS

Armadillo Plateaus (Algae) by PACADI JASHA


☑ Christmas Show Horn by PACADI JASHA

☑ Black Blindfold by CSFS

☑ Niral Brast Cover Scarf by CSFS

☑ Clockwork’s Love Outfit 8 Belt by CSFS


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