Looks / Dark Flame

Gunfire left a hole in the tank losing gasoline, fire is on my trail and he’s after me. Hope it don’t hit before I get where I’m going, I gotta get where I’m going, take off my mask to breath… The lovers need to clear the road, oh, oh, oh, cause this thing is ready to blow, oh, oh, oh, I just wanna set you on fire so I don’t have to burn alone, then you, then you’ll know where I’m coming from… Fire bomb… () xo xo ♥ Eme.

IFE Light Skin (Make up 7) by LELUTKA


Milla (Champagne) by TRUTH


Basics Puff Blouse (Navy) by OHMAI

Highland Romance 4 Panties by CSFS

Lingerie 3 Tights by CSFS

Armadillo Plateaus (Mamba) by PACADI JASHA


☑ The Longest One (White Pearl) by LAGYO

☑ Chained Earrings (Silver Big) by LAGYO

☑ Fingerless Gloves (Black) by FRI.DAY


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