Looks / I’m not a Monster

Hello world! A new week, a new serie of looks. I keep on making looks a little different from what I used to make before. Even if this one is a little bit more casual than the other ones (if I take off the horns lol). I’d like to thanks a lot of kind designers for giving me the opportunity to enjoy my hobby, which means blogging looks I find lovely, even if I’m not a fashion precursor, I love what I’m doing and that thanks to them. I can quote Minnu Palen, Truth Hawks, Anya Ohmai, Djod Karu, Lotta Shelman, Machang Pichot and a lot of other ones. I love you, thanks for doing my time in SL very very good moments and thanks for let me being able to make looks I’d like to make. And I hope you all love my work ! xo xo ♥ Eme.

IFE Light Skin (Make up 7) by LELUTKA


☑ Lea (Blonde) by LELUTKA


Top Cut (Pure) by EMERY

Highland Romance 4 Panties by CSFS

Dark Times Leggins in Coal by LEL.ULTRA

Classic Pumps (Ivory) by CHEERY


☑ Tahta Bracelet II (Black) by JASHA

☑ Christmas Show Horn by PACADI JASHA

Gaga Theme Outfit 3 Belt by CSFS


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