Reviews | Hot Mess (Ricielli 2011)

Hi world, Emy speaking.
I’ve been on Second Life for almost three years now, and two years ago I decided to start my “fashion”blog. I came through a lot of styles, I’ve found out a lot of amazing shops/designers, and, most important point, I’ve met awesome people who became my friends, some of them until now. I need to thank them for having been here for me, for having made me laugh and for having been so nice with me. I just can’t forget you Elsy Teskat, Emma Burton, Vitor Algoma, Julie Hastings, Lolalove Lecker, Mathylda Valeska, Eden Murfin, Estrella Thespian, Carolina Sautereau, Brinks Lemmon, Riri Bazar and Tea Cafargno. I would also thank several pairs of friendly designers who makes a lot of beautiful stuff, for having often sent me reviews of their different collections as Anya Ohmai, Fhara Ricielli, Vitor Algoma (again :p), the whole Lelutka Team, Machang Pichot, Djod Karu, Onyx LeShelle, Marni Grut,  Truth Hawks, Karija Azalee, Lotta Shelman and some others that I won’t forget.
I’ve been happy to do this blog for you in two years. I wish you my very best wishes for this new one which is coming (very) soon. I hope this new year will give you what you miss for now. That this will bring you hapiness in your (new) home. Health and some other package of best things! I won’t forget what people did for me. Never. xo, Emy.

About the looks :

1st pic > Hair from Maitreya – Boots from Mon Tissu
nd, 3rd & 6th pic > Hair from Truth
th pic > Hair from Mikan
rd pic > Shoes from Maitreya
th pic > Shoes from Tram

1st, 3rd & 4th pic > Pose from Ricielli
2nd pic > Pose from Glitterati
5th pic > Pose from Everglow
6th pic > Pose from Hate me and Eat me


One response to “Reviews | Hot Mess (Ricielli 2011)

  1. T’en vas pas…
    Ma Emy… T’es un amour de nana sur SL… et je suis heureuse d’être ton amie…
    Reco toi, t’as une surprise que tu attends depuis longtemps :p Jt’aime fort ma Emy d’amour ♥ ♥

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